Buri Christmas Wreath

Size 48cm dia x 10cm depth
Packaging 4 pieces/mc. 0.151 cbm/mc


abaca paper lamp

Hanging and Floor Standing Lamps

Lamps with GSG Natural Handmade Crinkled Paper Shades.


Item Code: HMPL-S Small Hanging Lamp Size 80cm height. bottom diameter 33cm.
Packaging 5/Master Carton 0.078 cbm


Item Code: HMPL-M Medium Hanging Lamp Size 150cm height. bottom diameter 33cm .
Packaging 5/Master Carton 0.10 cbm



Rope balls

Handmade Paper Christmas Trees

Cone shaped paper tree with papier mache, small, with 5-point star tree topper


Item Code GXPT-01
Size 7cm bottom dia x 25cm ht.
Packaging 25 pcs/mc. 0.047 cbm/mc
Item Code GXPT-02
Size 10cm bottom dia x 30cm ht.
Packaging 16 pcs/mc. 0.067 cbm/mc
Item Code GXPT-03
Size 12cm bottom dia x 36cm ht.
Packaging 16 pcs/mc. 0.11 cbm/mc



coffee tables

Pedestals and coffee tables

Item Code: GSG-S Pedestal Size 35cm dia x 90cm height
Packaging 2 pcs/MC. 0.28 cbm
MOQ 50 Pieces


Item Code: GSGS-CT Abaca Coffee Table Size 80cm dia x 40cm height
Packaging 1/mc. 0.31 cbm
MOQ 25 Pieces



Abaca Rope Products

We have taken one of our best natural resources that is abaca, and one of our traditional crafts - handweaving - to create these Abaca Rope stools (and tables) with metal and plywood base and abaca rope handweaving.


Item Code: GSGS-S Small Stool Size 25cm seat dia x 20cm height
Packaging 8/MC. 0.13 cbm
Minimum Order Qty. 100 Pieces


Item Code: GSGS-M Medium Stool Size 30cm seat dia x 30cm height.
Packaging 4 pcs/MC. 0.14 cbm
Minimum Order Qty. 100 Pieces


Item Code: GSGS-ST Standard Stool Size 35cm seat dia x 40cm height
Packaging 2 pcs/MC. 0.13 cbm
Minimum Order Qty. 100 Pieces
stools and tables