a passion for paper

handmade papers rich in textures of abaca, salago, banana, coconut coir and palm, designed in a range of colors evocative of vibrant Filipino fiestas.


who we are and what we do

GSG Industries is a family owned business established on 08 August 1991 by Geoffrey S. Gonzales with son Tony, who was the first Designer of its handmade papers and gave the company its creative direction, and daughter Gigi, who providing discipline to the vision of the company's creators.


The handmade paper mill is situated in Barrio Arimbay, Legaspi City, Albay in the Bicol Region, an area in the Philippines known for its treasure trove of indigenous Philippine fibers. Foremost of these fibers is abaca, touted to be one of the strongest fibers in the world, and which virgin pulp is the base upon which all GSG handmade papers are produced.


Handmade Paper Products

  • Wrapping Sheets and Textured Pulp Papers
  • Long Sheets and Baby Long Sheets for Wall Display
  • Cards and Envelopes
  • Two-Tone Stationery Sheets and Envelopes
  • Notebooks

In 2003 Gigi Gonzales established Flora Weaves to expand the use of abaca paper into a more creatively flexible material for a variety of uses. Woven Abaca Paper combines the traditional Bicolano craft of handlooming,this time using paper as warp and natural fiber or cotton thread as weft. Harnessing the skills of Albay womenfolk and combining fibers with abaca paper, Flora Weaves creates a new dimension to paper that extends its application into not just packaging


products, but lending itself a perfect material for houseware and tabletop accessories, window blinds, cushions and seat upholstery fabric, and even material for fashion items such as bags and shoes.


Hand woven paper products

  • Flat weaves of abaca paper and sinamay
  • paper and cotton thread or sinamay wall hangings
  • paper and cotton thread or sinamay placemats
  • paper and cotton thread or sinamay runners
  • paper or sinamay ribbons and specialty packaging
  • Handmade Boxes
  • Lamps
  • Houseware